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General Discussion

  • wertyrius

    Hidden artifact skins & where to get em - Info from REDDIT

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    Death Knight:
    Blood - Touch of Undeath
    Item: Twisted Anima of Souls
    Location: "The Collapse - Suramar Scenario" In the chest at the end, unsure if connected to score (lowest score to receive was 570 ish) or if connected to killing all 6 bosses.
    Frost - Dark Runeblade
    Item: Runes of the Darkening
    Location: Unknown
    Unholy - Bone Reaper
    Item: The Bonereaper's Hook
    Location: Unknown

    Demon Hunter:
    Havoc - Deathwalker
    Item: Guise of the Deathwalker
    Location: Forum Link to Steps also Video Courtesy of u/nekodayordle
    Vengeance - Iron Warder
    Item: Bulwark of the Iron Warden
    Location: Summoned by the Tier 2 "Twisting Nether" research next to Loramus, summoned mobs inside the Fel Hammer, random drop.

    Balance - Sunkeeper's Reach
    Item: The Sunbloom
    Location: Created by combining Seed of Solar Flare (bought at exalted with the Dreamweavers) and Pure Drop of Shaladrassil's Sap (location unknown).
    Feral - Moonspirit
    Item: Feather of the Moonspirit
    Location: Somehow related to the screeching coming from the dream portals. How it relates, no one knows. There are stone you have to click.
    Guardian - Guardian of the Glade
    Item: Mark of the Glade Guardian
    Location: Drop from Ursoc - Emerald Nightmare.
    Restoration - Warden's Crown
    Item: Acorn of the Endless
    Location: Evergreen Plot drops this, the Tier 2 choice in the druid class order hall.

    Beast Mastery - Titan's Reach
    Item: Designs of the Grand Architect
    Location: Sold by Hobart Grapplehammer in Dalaran for 8000g.
    Marksmanship - Ravenguard
    Item: Syriel Crescentfall's Notes: Ravenguard
    Location: Sold by the Court of Farandis Quartermaster.
    Survival - Bear's Fortitude
    Item: Last Breath of the Forest
    Location: Dropped by Ursoc

    Arcane - Woolomancer's Charge
    Item: The Woolomancer's Charge
    Location: Somehow related to sheeping a number of mobs in the Broken Isles.
    Fire - Stars' Design
    Item: The Stars' Design
    Location: Reach Artifact Knowledge level 5, random drop in Suramar.

    Frost - Frostfire Rememberance
    Item: Everburning Crystal
    Location: Unlock the teleportation nexus in the Hall of the Guardian, randomly you will receive a broadcast message directing you to frostfire ridge, where an NPC will have this item.

    Brewmaster - Ancient Brewkeeper
    Item: Legend of the Monkey King
    Location: Looted from the Keg you open from the Tier 2 Class Order Hall.
    Mistweaver - Breath of the Undying Serpent
    Item: Breath of the Undying Serpent
    Location: Dragons of Nightmare - The Emerald Nightmare Raid.
    Windwalker - Stormfist
    Item: The Stormfist
    Location: Chest at the end of the Withered Army Training scenario in Suramar.

    Holy - Watcher's Armament
    Item: Lost Edicts of the Watcher
    Location: Drops randomly from Demons in Faronaar, after reaching Artifact Knowledge level 5.
    Protection - Vindicator's Bulwark
    Item: Spark of the Fallen Exarch
    Location: Chest at the end of the Withered Army Training scenario in Suramar.
    Retribution - Corrupted Rememberance
    Item: Heart of Corruption
    Location: Very long and involved, below are the steps.
    Get the items Nat Pagle's Guide to Extreme Anglin' and A Thoroughly Read Copy of "Nat Pagle's Guide to Extreme Anglin'.".
    Get to artifact knowledge level 10 or 11, verdict is still out right now.
    Talk to Sister Elda, she will fix the books.
    Take the repaired book along with Head of Nefarian to Dire Maul to Prince Tortheldrin.
    Talk to the "stranger" Alliance - Alexia Ironknife Horde - Bardu Sharpeye.
    Find Grand Inquisitor Isillien's Journal in Hearthglen.
    Kill Large Vile Slime and loot Timolain's Phylactery.
    Fish up the Shard of Darkness

    Discipline - Tomekeeper's Spire
    Item: Writings of the End
    Location: Collect 12 books from around Azeroth. The locations of the items are on the Wowhead Page.
    Holy - Crest of the Lightborn
    Item: Staff of the Lightborn
    Location: Created by combining Crest of the Lightborn (Halls of Valor drops from boss Hyrja) with Rod of the Ascended (Bought at exalted reputation with the Valarjar).
    Shadow - Claw of N'Zoth
    Item: Claw of N'Zoth
    Location: Drops from Il'gynoth - the Emerald Nightmare raid.

    Assassination - Bonebreaker
    Item: The Cypher of the Broken Bone
    Location: Rares in the Dalaran Sewers.
    Outlaw - Thunderfury, Hallowed Blade of the Windlord
    Item: Emanation of the Winds
    Location: Left binding drops in Netharion's Lair after artifact level 5 or Highmaul Exalted, unknown which one.
    Subtlety - Venombite
    Item: Tome of Otherworldly Venoms
    Location: Take the Vault level 2 class hall upgrade, use Vault Ticket to gain access to the vault, loot a Key to the Palace of Lei-Shen. Talk to Taoshi to start the scenario, loot as many keys as possible in 5 mins, open chests at the end and hope for the item to drop.

    Elemental - Prestige of the Amani
    Item: Lost Codex of the Amani
    Location: Drops from any rare spawn in the Dalaran Sewers after artifact knowledge level 4.
    Enhancement - Zandalar Champion
    Item: The Warmace of Shirvallah
    Location: Rares and world bosses drops this skin.
    Restoration - Serpent's Coil
    Item: Coil of the Drowned Queen
    Location: According to Wowhead user Veisabio, drops from the first boss in Eye of Azshara.

    Affliction - Fate's End
    Item: Essence of the Executioner
    Location: After artifact knowledge level 5, loot a book from any eredar in the broken isles, it begins a quest to get the hidden appearance.
    Demonology - Thal'kiel's Visage
    Item: Visage of the First Wakener
    Location: Loot the 5 eredar heads in order, then receive the hidden appearance.
    Destruction - Legionterror
    Item: The Burning Jewel of Sargeras
    Location: Summoned bosses from the level 2 class hall have a chance to drop this item.

    Arms - Arcanite Bladebreaker
    Item: The Arcanite Bladebreaker
    Location: http://legion.wowhead.com/quest=43643/secrets-of-the-axes
    Fury - Dragonslayer's Edge
    Item: The Dragonslayers
    Location: Unknown
    Protection - Last breath of the Worldbreaker
    Item: Burning Plate of the Worldbreaker
    Location: Netharion's Vault

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