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Member Discussion

  • Ryuuni

    Who is who -or- how to avoid nickname confusement

    Well, hello there - Ryuuni callin', since I am not the only one who has this problem I decided to start this thread.

    Many people from guild got different nicknames on TS/forum, than ingame/on main characters, and also, almost everybody got an alt in guild, not just one character. To avoid further confusement or to give people place where they can lookup who are they actually talking to, when they are not sure and don't want to ask (I know its not that hard question, but it is pretty annoying for some people too, when they are all the time asked questions about who they are..), for that I have made this topic.

    So, anybody who hits this thread from now on, please post here: your TS nick, your main nick and all of your alt nicks that are in guild. Also, I would welcome updates if you make new characters and so on. If you want you can also write specs, that you play the most, professions your characters have etc., that is up to you. See you all in game and thank you.
  • Ryuuni
    Well, so I start. As you can see my forum name is Ryuuni, also on TS too, I go under this nick.
    My characters ingame: Ryuuni - Feral Druid, LW 800
    Fiéra - Havoc DH (in exp. mode) - gonna do Herb and Enchanting.
  • Shazbot
    Good call!

    Main: Shazbot (Hunter - marksman)
    Alt: Illara (Druid - resto)
    TS: Shazbot
  • Weazel
    Someone likes this reply.
    Forum/TS Main Nickname - Weazel

    Saifon (DH) Engineer - Main at the moment and also a Tank

    Weazel (Mage) Alchemist
    Deazel (DK) Inscription
    Quizel (Monk) LW
    Taii (Hunter) Engineer/Tailor
    Rin (Warlock) Tailor/Enchanter
    Skree (Shaman) Engineer
    Inuyasha (Paladin) Blacksmith
    Koei (Druid) LW
    Pitah (Rogue) Engineer
    Nanika (Priest) Tailor/Alchemist
    Penpen (Warrior)

    Didn't include the low levels too many to count ^_^
  • Creamsoda
    Main: Creamsoda - MM hunter (LW)

    Beanbag - Ret pally (BS)
    Funsponge - Shadow priest (Tailoring)
    Frootloopz - Ele shaman (God knows)
    Glitch - Monk
    Jellytotz - DH

    TS: Creamsoda (sometimes I'm called by my real name Athena)
  • Onyx
    Önyxia - Prot Pally (Enchanting - Jewelcrafting)
    Önyx - DK blood / Tank (Mining - Blacksmithing)
    Xonyx - DH
  • Cuddles
    I have lots of alts and dont remember the names, so just look in the notes.

    Cuddles AKA Annie AKA Lyche
  • Helvede
    Main Character - Alyu All monk specs Enchanting/Tailoring
    Alt Character - Allasia Arcane Mage Herbalism/Alchemy
    TS Name - Helvede
  • MeneerPeer
    Main: MeneerAppel fury warrior (BS)
    Alt: MacSwagger warlock
    TS: Meneer Peer
  • wertyrius
    Main: wertyshammy shaman ( skinning & LW )
    Deadangry Rogue ( Skinning LW )
    Wortexo DK (Mining BS )
    Douchebaggie Warlock (Ins herbing )
    Wertyrass Monk (Herbing Alchemy )
    TybieRev DemonHunter ( )
    Slowwy Paladin ( mining JC )
    Raingard Mage (Enchanting Tailor )
    Formerdouche Priest ()
    Volshero Hunter ()
    AnimalBrain Druid ()
    Wertywarry Warrior ()

    TS name : Wortexo/Wertyshammy
  • Navarron

    My TS name is either Vattick or Mauroo (on Discord it's Navarron)
    Navarron (enh shaman)
    Mauroo (fury and prot warrior)
    Ooruam (drood still leveling)
    Vattick (hunter still leveling)

    I play both my shaman and my warrior equally. I also love peeveepee^^

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